About Danske Invest

Danske Invest is the brand name for mutual funds managed by fund management companies in the Danske Bank Group.

Danske Invest offers a broad range of high-quality equity and bond sub-funds to investors in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg and Germany. The individual sub-funds are investing within specific investment areas, i.e. European equities or global bonds.

The funds are distributed via the banks in the Danske Bank Group and other selected banks and financial institutions.

We draw upon a number of investment experts who are providing advice in respect of the sub-funds’ concrete investments. Therefore, an important part of our job is to identify competent advisers who are in possession of the relevant expertise within the individual investment areas.

Our main investment partner is Danske Bank Asset Management. Danske Invest also co-operates with other investment experts and asset managers around the world. For you as an investor, this implies that Danske Invest can provide you with access to top-quality investment opportunities regardless of whether you are investing in European Bonds or Chinese equities.

As of end of 2023, approx. EUR 98bn is being managed under the Danske Invest brand. The assets are distributed on more than 300 sub-funds.


About Danske Bank

Measured by total assets, the Danske Bank Group is the largest financial enterprise in Denmark and one of the largest enterprises within the Nordic region.

For more information visit http://danskebank.com



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